Mandy Stoner (nee Webber) was born in London, England to parents Charles and Thomasina Webber. After her powers were discovered when she was just a few years old, her mother was distraught, feeling it reflected against her personally. With their marriage slowly starting to collapse, Charles tried everything to ensure that Mandy was happy, spending all of his free time mainly with her and taking her on trips, knowing that children saw and heard more things than people knew. While her mother went off at night going to parties, her father was always there, ready and willing to take care of his little girl. When the accident happened in the summer of 1990 that eventually took her father’s life, both Mandy and Thomasina were devastated. The moment Mandy turned six, her mother ruled her child’s life with an iron fist despite never being around. Discipline, hard work, and no play was just a taste of what her home life was like. While her mother came home drunk every night, spending the money off of her father’s life insurance policy, Mandy would be tucked into bed by her live-in Nanny, the woman who took care of her until she came of age.

Despite her proper upbringing that had strict rules and guidelines, she soon started to discover her abilities better, trying to push herself and become something great. Noticing her daughter was using her powers, something the woman strictly forbade, she sent her to a therapist hoping they could “pray” the mutation away. After spending large amounts of money and wasting time, Thomasina realized that there was no hope. Wanting to skirt responsibility, push her on to someone else, she found out about Glendale and the island of Elysium. Determined to get rid of her once and for all, she took the steps needed to send Mandy off. At 15, she was left at the airport, confused and hurt by her mother’s actions, especially when the cold hearted woman told her to “have a nice life.” 

Turning her shyness around, Mandy quickly discovered who she was through friends, developing a personality that was charismatic, friendly, and easygoing. Though she became ambitious, graduating Riverstone University with several degrees, she has always refrained from becoming the overbearing and critical person her mother had always been. They didn’t see each other, but Mandy spoke to her off and on, or when her mother called drunk late at night.

At the turn of her 24th birthday, Mandy adopted a sixteen year old stowaway named Jasper Devore, a teenager she met and helped on the island. Today, she is a happy-go-lucky person, though she suffers from many demons about her less than virtuous past such as her issues with drinking, flirting, and her deep seeded fear of abandonment. Despite having suffered many trials in her life, she has remained happily married, had her first child named Gregory in 2012 followed by her second in 2019*, works part-time at Elysium General, owns a local bookstore, and is on the Mutants for Freedom committee.

General Information:


About Her Abilities:

Empathy: Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others.

Weather Manipulation: Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather.

* Alternate Universe: Gregory survived the miscarriage, leaving Mandy and Robert with three children total as of 2019.

** Original Universe: Gregory passed, Renly was born in 2012, making him two years of age.