@Rob || Wake Up Call

Glancing at the time, Mandy sighed as she held the mug of coffee under her nose. Rob was not going to sleep in today, not if she had anything to do with it. Setting her favorite mug on the counter, she turned on her heel and jogged up the steps, biting her lip in amusement and semi-excitement. Brushing strands of hair out of her eyes from her messy pony tail, Mandy slowly cracked open the bedroom door, her eyes scanning the dark room where the curtains were drawn and the silhouetted figure under the bed sheets. Biting back a grin she tiptoed in, her heart pounding a bit fast as she approached the foot of the bed. For a moment she glared at Robert’s sleeping body as she put a hand on her hip. After a moment, with a bolt of energy, Mandy leaned forward and yanked the covers off of him and jumped up on the bed. 

"Rob! Ahh! Oh my god! It is a bloody earthquake! Ahh!" Screaming at the top of her lungs as she jumped up and down she watched as his body shook from her weight. Best wake up call ever, she thought as she kept jumping.

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    [[MORE]] Robert froze at Mandy’s words, his mind scrambling for words to mirror the surprise and arousal he felt at that...
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    [[MORE]]The movements from Robert seemed to only further her to the point of no return, his length filling every crevice...