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For anyone who doesn’t know, or didn’t know, OOC posts are FINE! You are allowed to talk in tags. How else are we supposed to freakin’ get to know each other? However, we do ask that you keep it in moderation, but nobody has ever really abused it to the point where we had to say something.

Please don’t send anyone OOC hate when it pertains to the rules of this roleplay. The Admins are the ones who will tell you either from the main blog or our main accounts.


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Please do be respectful of others, please do not force something upon them if they do not feel like they should do it. This meaning ships, plots, or even creating a new character. 

Also, if you have a plot that you want to do with someone, please be aware that they are wanting to do it. If they aren’t feeling it, don’t give them a hard time, okay? Must I remind you of an event that took place a few months ago with a roleplayer that is not here anymore? Things change, ideas change, and opinions change. Keep that in mind! 

And another thing, if your character is going to be part of a plot this upcoming Friday, please make sure that all parties involved are down with it! All we ask is that you do not kill anyone that is here. If they are characters you created to kill in your para, that is totally fine! Any plots that involve the following MUST BE CLEARED BY THE ADMINS:

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ADMIN POST: Gavin/Hector Plot Resolve

This is NOT set in stone and may change! We are needing to resolve the plot between Hector and Gavin, and a few residents here who they have messed with far too many times.

So far, we have the following in the possible para to bring an end to their reign:

Selfpara/Group para:
  • Ana (Self para, or group para if anyone is interested)
  • Gwen (Self para on her plot, or Gwen/Mandy para)
Given the fact that there could be up to nine or ten people, depending, the Gavin/Hector fight para isn’t something we can work you into. Those who want to be involved need to message me. I have specific plots for people to para out in a group, or self para, so you won’t feel left out.

Granted, you can ask for something specific like you want your character to find Gavin and drag him out (No you can’t do that, so don’t ask this was just an example), and I can work with you. Any ideas would be appreciated, but aren’t necessary. I know some of you have expressed interest in fighting someone or something, and I will give you a task to accommodate that. If you want you can para with someone on the opposite side who might be trying to protect Gavin and Hector, so long as you communicate with the RPer behind the character and plot that out yourself. For instance, in my mind, I think it’d be awesome if Ethan and Alyssa fought each other, but if they don’t want to do that, that is fine! 

I know some of you aren’t affected by this plot at all, and that is fine, you can just be like, ‘Wow that happened?’ on the dash, totally fine. But this is my attempt at somehow getting those who weren’t directly involved, involved somehow and seeing you para.

This will be the last plot for a while! After this is over, there will be smaller events, such as the bonfire which is coming up, and you are on your own to create plots around that or plots to further character development and relationships!

So again, if you want me to assign you something, drop me an inbox!

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Guys, grow the fuck up. Seriously. If you dislike someone, have the damn balls to come off anon and tell someone so you can fix the situation. Sitting behind your computer and snickering to yourself while you send hate messages anonymously is fucking stupid. You. Are. Stupid. See, I have the balls to tell you, anon, that you are stupid. Why not have the common courtesy to tell someone why you do not like them. We all want to be liked, but there are too many people in this fucking world to have everyone love us. 

Also, don’t ever fucking speak for other people in this roleplay, whether it is you and someone else, or even the admins. IC hate I can tolerate to a point, but OOC hate is not cool. Cut it out you fucking nimrod.


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Don’t you dare get me to say it. I will. I will TELL PEOPLE TO TURN OFF ANONYMOUS IF THIS SHIT STARTS HAPPENING! 

Lainey, you are awesome, your character is not annoying. The only thing annoying here is whoever sent that anon.


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I am going to be very clear here. If you have issues with people in this roleplay, whether it be characters, GB, or people behind the character, please have the common courtesy to shoot a message to the admins to explain your reasoning as to why you are having issues. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs and wants! 

Here, we want to make this place fun and enjoyable for everyone, ourselves included. All of the Admins here do our utmost to make this place fun, we put plots in place and stir up trouble just so we all have something to talk, and write, about. If you have any concerns or any thoughts as to how we can make this a better place, please tell us! We want people to stick around and be able to roleplay their chosen face claims and create relationships, both through character and through ooc. 

If you never raise any issues with us, how are we supposed to adapt and make the changes that will make Elysium better? We all know the names of the individuals behind the characters, not because we are admins but because we like you! Because we want to establish a friendship! I have spoken to several people through OOC tags and through messages in an attempt to be your friend and to get to know you. A lot of roleplays here do not allow it, but we do because it is fun! I love seeing people freak out over random things, whether it be something that happened in life (good or bad), if you watched a show and must keyboard smash your feels, or just jokingly tease people over silly things. We love you guys! Without you, this roleplay would have died a long ass time ago. But guess what? Next month is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

If there is something that is not fulfilling your needs or requirements for entertainment and you find us all annoying, it is alright if you leave! We won’t be mad, if anything we will be sad. A lot of people come and go, but practically all of you (save for a few new people) have stuck around and enjoyed themselves, and that is really freaking awesome. Those who are new here, we hope that you do the same! There are a lot of new people here that I really love and am glad that you joined! 

Here we consider you all as a family. Speaking from my own experience here, I had a really rough couple of months, but you guys were here to cheer me up and make me feel better and I cannot express my feelings adequately or let you know how much you have helped me, but you really have! Not only that, but a few months ago a certain person in this roleplay went on a tangent and slandered my name, as well as several others here, all because they felt like our characters were mean and the people behind them (IE, me) was an asshole. Now, if I have ever done anything to someone here, please come talk to me! I love talking and I love correcting any mistakes or misgivings you have about me, or Mandy! As I am sure the others would as well. But during that time, everyone here was very supportive and very kind to me and I really am glad that you all helped me and listened to me.

We do not tolerate liars, we do not tolerate people who leave and go around writing mean things on their personal blogs about us, and yes it has happened! It is absolutely ridiculous. It is rude, hurtful, and fucking slander. But the most hurtful thing about it all is that these concerns or feelings were never brought up until we see it in tags on tumblr. Yeah, this is the internet and anyone can say anything and feel like a badass, but it is hurtful regardless and very childish no matter if you laugh it off or say you don’t care. I do! The other admins do. This is not a place for cyberbullying and we do not accept it. I have been harassed endlessly about things, a lot of you know it and have seen it, and we recently had an incident last night about certain members trashing us after they departed. 

Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you have any concerns or feel you are being ignored/mistreated/bullied, tell us! I don’t care if my character said something to your character on a bad day, if you took it personally please just tell me and I will explain to you that that is not how I feel, it was just Mandy/Hector/Sylvia being in a piss poor mood. 

I love you guys. I do. I love ALL OF YOU. You make this roleplay last and you make my day fun. I love writing, which is why I joined/created this roleplay, and I love coming up with random plots! I am always down for plotting, always. I mean, come on, I made Mandy shoot her best friend in the foot! Nothing is off limits. Also, if you feel that we are being overdramatic, so what? This is a roleplay and it is a soap opera and it is awesome. Not because it IS overlydramatic, but because it is fun to see what people come up with and I will, almost always, react in tags. 

Again, I love you all. Please come to me if I have caused offense or if you want to raise any questions, concerns or comments on Elysium Island roleplay.

- Meg

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If you decide to LEAVE this roleplay, for future references: You are NOT allowed to recreate the same character in a non-affiliated RP or any other RP on tumblr. That is theft of intellectual property. 

You may choose to do a 2x2 or 3x3 or what have you with a character with similarities, but please, we request that you do not take the face, background, name nor talk about the characters within this roleplay (especially when you are being passive aggressive and talking about the roleplayers behind the characters).

If you do that, we honestly can’t stop you, but you will be PERMANENTLY blackballed from here on out. It is inconsiderate and rude and several people have done this, not only that, but have badmouthed characters within Elysium. It is childish and very high school. Be adults. Also, don’t ever lie to the admin’s, we will find out.

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Whoever sent that message, do not SPEAK on behalf of the admins.

If you have an issue, we are always here to answer questions! But do expect a post on the main blog about a current plot that will be dropping tonight.

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Guys I have had a really stressful day. I am two seconds from breaking down into tears and I do NOT want to see this fucking shit on my goddamn dash. Stop with the fucking anonymous messages, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!!!!!!!

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OOC Rant….

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It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been getting hate messages through anonymous. I am really tired of you all taking advantage of the anonymous grey face and sending hate mail to people just because you think it would be “funny”. This really needs to stop. The only way I can do anything, even still I say that very loosely, is to turn off anonymous.

This place has become a cesspool of anonymous hate recently and I am not sure why! So, I am suggesting that EVERYONE not allow anonymous messages. You can bitch and moan about it, saying we can’t have fun games anymore, I am sorry for that, truly. However, I am not wanting people to leave this role play group due to these messages. 

I get hate constantly, I reply to it and laugh it off out of character, it isn’t that big of a deal to me personally. However, to others, they do take it to heart. I can spout character separation all day, but that isn’t the point. I am really tired of seeing anonymous hate fill up this dash like it is nobody’s business.

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Guys, I am really disappointed. I don’t know who it is, but seriously? Can you not keep your opinions to yourself? When you send an anonymous message in character, that is one thing, but when you call someone out for something you do not know anything about or understand, it is really rude and it makes you look like a fool. Haven’t we had enough drama here already? Please be considerate and nice, that is all we have ever asked. I cannot make you turn off anonymous, but do know you have the option to do so.

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Seriously, last fucking one I am posting! If I see one more OOC post about the situation that just happened, I am going to say some really incredibly mean and immature things, because I don’t want to have to deal with drama today, okay? If you have an issue, inbox the person, don’t take it out on the dash. Be adults about it. Come to my inbox if you are having issues with another roleplayer, but do not, and I am stressing this point, start shit on this dash. I will get really angry and ban your ass. 

Too much drama has happened recently that have caused people to leave this RP. Be smart about things, realize what you say and how you say it, and how some people can get offended even if that wasn’t the intention. No more anons, no OOC posts about it. Got it? Good. I better see everyone like this post so I know you actually bloody read it.


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EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN! What is happening between Logan and Bryson, whether it be OOC/IC, it isn’t your problem! Let them deal with! Anon’s, not fucking cool!

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Seriously, don’t forget to check in. If you do not, I will take you off the masterlist and re-open your character. I don’t care if we are having a bloody discussion RIGHT NOW, you best go send the main blog an active, if you haven’t already.